1. Yayasan Pillar is a Social Enterprise and humanitarian Non-Government Organization, with majority holding in Biomass Renewable Resources. Proceeds from sales or profit made in Yaysan Pillar name would be used to fund Community Care project that focuses on Youth Development and helping needy community through its Social Enterprise and with collaboration with other companies through their Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) and with cooperation from governmental agencies. The Pillar Foundation and Biomass Renewable Resources Sdn Bhd raises funds  from businesses of the social enterprise and through corporate and individual sponsorships, donations. From 2019 income derived from investments and sustainable businesses. Revenue from Biomass Renewable Resources Sdn Bhd further utilizes, manages and implement The Pillar Foundation portion of its income for humanitarian and needy community programs.

2. Among Biomass Renewable Resources Sdn Bhd businesses are manufacturing and supplying of Flame Retardant Coverall (FRC) for oil and gas and Construction industries and agricultural using new breed technology for planting and developing green Resources. The nature of The Pillar Foundation community work for the needy in Malaysia are Creating Food Bank for Core City Poor, Repairing unliveable homes commonly known as “City Squatters”, Contributing to the eduacation of the City poor families by giving tuitions for familes under performing students. Subjects taught are Maths, Science, IT and English. 

 3. BL Consultant is involved in construction projects that focuses on long term growth. Master planning and concept design involves the conception and site planning of the entire development or such as building orientation, pedestrian circulation, and open space planning. Site analysis and feasibility studies; assessment of site conditions and characters to determine the master planning strategies; includes studies of physical aspects such as slope, vegetation, and soil as well as analysis of psychological and qualities such as spatial enclosure and sense of place. The other scope of service Interior design, Contract management, Estate management, Detail design, Lightning design, Landscape construction and Planting and soft works. 

4. Under BL Consultants is a unit that specialises in Environmental  protection and observation of regulation and protocol to protect Environment -  systematic and analytical studies of environmental, social and economic sectors to identify, predict, evaluate and communicate information of the impacts by undertaking new developments; to design and details out the mitigating measures in the preliminary inception, feasibility, designing and engineering stages; to provide continuous environmental monitoring of changes in natural systems following the implementation and operation stages; resulting in greater sustainability of the environment as a whole.